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Yokohama Building & Estate Research Limited provides you several services of real estate businesses in Japan. We are certified real estate appraiser and building engineer, with professional experiences of real estate investments in domestic and overseas market.

Our major services of real estate field are property appraisal, building survey, market research, environmental assessment, and document interpretation. Facilitating the integration of property market and financial market, detailed analysis and precise explanation are essential for investment planning and decision making on properties targeted.

We may support your investments by several researches and surveys with appropriate and basic knowledge and manners, keeping mandatory process and statutory criteria. We provide adequate services on real estate business and development, minimizing your costs on hiring staffs of administration and property management. Our services listed below will help you both for cost-benefit and practical-efficiency in your real estate businesses.
1) Real Estate Appraisal (in both Japanese and English language)
2) Property Research (market analysis, ordinance, environmental condition, etc.)
3) Engineering Report (overall checking, specific survey)
4) Statutory Observation (machine maintenance, fire safety)
5) CASBEE research (environmental assessment for building)
6) Construction Management (technical view, economical view)
7) Quantity Survey (quotation, internal management)
8) Interpretation of Documents (Japanese, English, Chinese)
Our basic concept for property due-diligence is "integration of land economy, architecture, and finance". We keep the balance of three points of view to evaluate the properties and maximize potential value of them.
We will definitely make you satisfied by qualified services and extraordinary ideas for your property investment and development in Japan.

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R. Ito (Mr.)
Managing Director
Yokohama Building & Estate Research Limited

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